Spring Trimming in the Orchard. The Works That Keep Fruit Trees Healthy

Spring trimming in the orchard is necessary for ensuring productivity. It’s best to do it after the 15th of February and because it’s getting warmer and warmer you shouldn’t postpone it. If you trim after the buds appear, you take away the nourishing sap formed during winter and deposited towards the ends. the tree will remain feeble, lacking vitality and bearing small fruit. 

Spring trimming in the orchard. Cuts for fruit bearing

At the beginning of spring, cuts for improved fruit bearing are necessary. If the tree head is to thick, the branches will be filled with small, undeveloped  fruit. Moreover, unless the cuts are made after the 5-7 large harvests, the trees stop bearing fruit and prematurely begin to age.

Therefore, if you haven’t done the trimming in autumn, now is the time to remove the branches that are dry, damaged or to close together and maintain the head at the proper height.  The middle should be  cleared out as much as possible to allow for light to enter and air to circulate.


Spring trimming in the orchard. Diseases

Also, before the budding starts, some hygienic trimming should also be done.

The branches that are affected by diseases have to be cut at least 20 inches away from the parts affected by symptoms. The resulting debris have to be burnt entirely and the tools disinfected.

The marks in the trunk have to be extirpated and the wounds disinfected. The dried fruit left on the branches or fallen on the ground have to be burried or burnt.

Spring trimming in the orchard. Correction cuts

Springtime is also dedicated to correction cuts, especially towards the end of the season, when flower buds can be well seen. They are different from the buds, who develop into new branches. After cutting, every branch should bear 3 – 4 flower buds and one to develop into a branch.

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