Christmas Tree Alternatives. Beautiful ideas

It started the countdown to Christmas, and one of the most awaited moments is when we decorate our house and put up our Christmas tree.  In recent years, though, people are increasingly open and opt for different kind of treesl. Starting with the artificial ones, which are no longer something new and ending with trees made of books or even drawn on an empty wall.
That’s what we’re going to discuss today: about alternatives to the Christmas tree. I’ve prepared below some beautiful ideas to inspire you. As usual, do not forget to message us on Facebook and tell us what is your favorite kind of tree and how you will decorate your house this year for Christmas.


Christmas Tree Alternatives

Do you have an old mirror frame, which you do not want to throw away because it’s too beautiful? Well, you can turn it into your Christmas tree. You can get some inspiration from the image below, paint it in white and decorate it like this or personalize it, as you please.

Christmas Tree Alternatives

What about a tree made of your favorite books? You certainly spent a lot of evenings reading this year, and now it’s time to find another utility for your books. At least for now, then they’ll be back on the shelves

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Ah, chalk, good old chalk! We will not suggest drawing with chalk on the walls, but we will propose to buy a board and draw a tree, as you visualize it. Use colorful chalk and let your imagination fly away. The main advantage? You can have a different tree every day.

Of course, the above ideas are just suggestions, and you can adapt them, depending on what you want. You can buy a natural/artificial tree to place in the living room, and one of the above to keep for another room of your home. The only advice we hope you can really account for is to decorate your home exactly as you wish (or not, if you don’t like to do that) and enjoy Christmas with your loved ones. 
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