Why your electricity bill is so high. 3 common mistakes you might be making

We are always looking for different ways to reduce our monthly expenses, especially during the cold season. Today we are talking about the electricity bill. Specifically, common mistakes that increase our electricity bill.

Why your electricity bill is so high

  • The most common cause is the use of old appliances. As you probably know, household appliances have a certain life expectancy and, at some point, when they no longer work as they should, they start consuming more power, which is why they need to be replaced. Also, there are cases where old appliances have been designed to consume more electricity. For example, washing machines have an average life span of 8 years. If your washing machine is older, you might consider changing it. Do some research on every device you own and make sure you don’t use them any more than you should.
  • Whether they are new or old, there are certain appliances that consume energy even when they are unplugged. For this reason, it is advisable to unplug appliances that are not being used. Such as the appliances that have LEDs or clocks, for example. Here are some appliances that consume electricity, even when not at use. See this list and make sure you unplug these devices before you leave home.
  • Last but not least, another mistake you probably make is that you use incandescent bulbs. They consume more energy than the economic bulbs. In fact, they can consume up to five times more electricity compared to the economic bulbs. So avoid as much as possible to use incandescent bulbs and opt for economic light bulbs or LED bulbs. They will not only consume less electricity, but they also have a greater lifespan.
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