How to decorate your house in a contemporary style

For a person who has never decorated a room, it can be very difficult to decorate an entire house. Once you choose the style you want, things will be more easy. Today we will discuss the contemporary style and invite you to discover in the following lines what are the characteristics of this style and what are the rules you must take into account, if you want to decorate your house in a contemporary style.

How to decorate your house in a contemporary style

The contemporary style represents, according to specialists, a wider category of styles. Basically, the term is used to designate the design tendencies of a given moment, depending on the context. However, the contemporary style is often mistaken for the modern, though between the two there are quite large differences. For example, the contemporary style is distinguished by the selected finishes and the range of colors used. Colors are bright, warm, balanced and pastel tones.

Warm finishes, solid wood doors with polished appearance and upholstered panels with leather are characteristic of this style. Textiles, such as velvet, plus, skin (used to upholstery the various elements) basically shape the ambience of this style. It is a daring style, including with bright spots, is smooth, clean, and with geometric shapes, frequently using curved lines. Contemporary is different from modern because it describes a design based here and now.

The basic Motto of this style when it comes to decorations is: “Quality matters, not quantity”. Thus, it is preferable to have one large picture on a wall, than more smaller. As far as artistic elements are concerned, black and white photographs are preferred. It is very important to pay attention to the mixture of textures inside the contemporary. While textiles (carpets or curtains) are woven into high point, the other surfaces are fine and glossy (wood, chromium, marble, granite, glass and mirrors).

When it comes to flooring, there are no boundaries. Everything from rustic, unfinished surfaces to glossy floors. Wooden floors are the most popular, offering the warmth of a simple and “cool” interior. The shades differ from the most open tones, almost white, to the darkest, depending on your tastes.




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