25 chic wallpaper ideas for your kitchen

For the dining room you have chosen a pastel wallpaper, with a discreet print, while for the kid’s room you opted for a bright coloured wallpaper, which has their favorite cartoon characters. What about the kitchen? Although it is not an option that many take into account, the kitchen can be decorated without problems with a wallpaper, and the result can be quite spectacular. 

25 chic wallpaper ideas for your kitchen

Contrary to what many people think, decorating kitchens with wallpaper is not old-fashioned. On the contrary, it is an option as modern as possible, but especially elegance. There is no need to put wallpaper on all walls, being enough to choose only a few points of interest. So, choose the most visible wall in the kitchen, which you can decorate with an abstract pattern, for example. Then, if you have a large kitchen with the island, you can decorate a part of this piece of furniture with wallpaper. Another option is to beautify the ceiling with the help of wallpaper. A piece of wallpaper brings size and character to a kitchens, especially if it is complemented by lamps in tune with the style of the kitchen.

Also, if you have a kitchen with many shelves, you can put wallpaper on the wall behind them. Thus, not only will you have a visual break from the cupboards in the kitchen, but the dead space behind the shelves will disappear. Leave your imagination and choose which model of wallpaper you like.

Last but not least, if the kitchen has a dining space, then you can consider decorating that area with wallpaper. The walls that surround the place are perfect for adding a little color.

Below, we have prepared 25 images of kitchens decorated with wallpaper. We have selected models for all tastes and for any budget, so all that will remain to do is to choose the model that you like best.

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