Building a Garden Swing Seat, In Easy Steps

We said in a previous article that a swing in the garden completes this relaxing space in which we take refuge every day, away from the worries and stress of our professional life. A suspended corner in nature, just for ourselves, is the shortest way to a serene mood that inspires us with optimism and self-confidence. And because such a swing can be built with your own resources, below are the basic steps to follow to craft this accessory in which to immerse yourself in serenity and harmony.

We chose a garden swing building project to complete in 14 steps. Needles to say you need tools to finalize this project and, especially, a lot of attention in their use. The first step is installing the supporting pillars, two on each side. The two upright beams join at the top, with two fasteners horizontally arranged at the bottom and the top.

Merge the supportive legs with a transverse beam that folds into the slot carved at the top of the four supporting pillars. Fix this beam with two boards below the horizontal elements of the supportive legs. Attach two other beams fixing these planks parallel to the main transverse beam. The three beams will support the roof of the swing, framed on the edge by two other small timbers which will be set across the whole length of the cross-rail above for a firm fix of the roof. Place the roof which is generally made from wooden or bitumen shingles.

Because we have all the framing, except for the swing, the next step is to build the swing seat itself. A rectangular wooden frame that will be the base seat will be attached other planks that will form the back. Lay the boards until the seat and back are completed. Hang the rocking chair with metal chains so as to ensure balance on each of the side. The final construction will leave you with a solid wooden garden swing that will be strong enough to take the weight of adults, teenagers and children.

And since a picture is worth 1,000 words, here is a video that illustrates the written details above:

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