Why you should freeze your clothes instead of washing them

It seems weird that this appliance can help us with some of the problems we encounter with our clothes or shoes, doesn’t it? Read some useful tips and find out how the freezer helps you clean your clothes.

Pullovers and coats – if you have at least one sweater or woolen coat, you have certainly noticed that they change their texture over time and, after several washings, they lose their soft look that they have in the beginning. It is advisable to wash them as rarely and use a brush to clean the patch if there are any stains. To give them a fresh smell, put them in the freezer for 24 hours and you will see that they will smell like new and you will get rid of bacteria in this way.

Tights – unfortunately, the tights break very easily and we have to buy a new pair almost weekly. A useful trick for them is to put them in the freezer. This will make the jersey stronger and harder to break.

Chewing gum on clothes – did you had bad luck and sit on a chewing gum? Do not worry, it has happened to all of us! To remove it easily, put the trousers in the freezer (in a bag that closes hermetically) and leave it for 10 hours. Once you take them out, you will notice that the gum has hardened and it will be much easier to remove it without damaging your pants.

What tricks do you know to keep your clothes in impeccable form?

Photo: tipsandcrafts, wonderhowto.com

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