How to recognize high quality clothes. 5 useful tricks

When shopping, we are looking to buy quality items that do not change their shape after we wash them a few times, for example. Although each piece has a label that overlooks the materials it’s made of, sometimes we buy clothes that we were convinced were high quality but we find out soon after that they are not. So, in order to avoid such situations, we are about to teach you today how to recognize bad quality clothes, using these 5 easy tricks.

How to recognize high quality clothes. Check the quality of cotton

If you found a piece tha says it’s made of 100% cotton, that does not mean it’s qualitative. So, to make sure it truly deserves the investment, squeeze the material in your fist for a few seconds. If after you’ve let go, it has an unpleasant look, lit means that the material has been treated with a special agent to keep its shape. These garments will change their texture after the first wash, so it is advisable to avoid them.

How to recognize high quality clothes. Pull the seams to see the gaps

Quality clothing items have thick and dense stitches. Try lightly pulling stitched pieces apart. If it has gaps, and especially if it is straigh, that piece is of poor quality.

How to recognize high quality clothes. Check the hem

Both trousers and skirts should have a hem of about 4 cm. In terms of blouses or t-shirts, they may have a smaller one, about 2 cm. If the clothing item you want to buy does not have a hem or this place is simply stitched, do not buy it.

How to recognize high quality clothes. Make sure the zipper matches in length

Zippers on dresses, skirts, or any other kinds of clothes should be equal in length, even, and match in color.

How to recognize high quality clothes. Check buttons and buttonholes

If the piece you want to buy has buttons, make sure that buttons are secured and no threads are sticking out. Besides that, carefully examine the buttonholes and check if they are neatly overlocked and evenly cut through.


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