How to get rid of weeds using vinegar

Today, you can find a product for every problem you might. However, they are often full of chemicals and are also they are unhealth and even might be harmful for our body and nature. So it’s no surprise that each and one of us is always looginf for healthier and less invasive options to help us in various activities, whether it’s cleaning, cooking or gardening. Today we will show you a simple, quick and affordable solution for getting rid of weeds.

How to get rid of weeds using vinegar

Stop spending money on products full of chemicals in order to get rid of weeds and opt for some more practical and healthier methods. The acetic acid that the vinegar contains will kill the weeds without affecting the soil. Thus, put in a container equal parts of vinegar and water and spray the liquid on the weeds.

Unexpected uses of the vinegar

Vinegar gets rid of weeds, but it also helps us and keep our flowers in vase longer. Put 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of sugar in the vase water and you will enjoy fresh flowers for a longer period of time. Last but not least, vinegar is our ally when it comes to cleaning. To clean the toilet tank you need vinegar and baking powder. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with 200 ml of vinegar and pour the mixture into the toilet bowl after you have emptied it. It is advised to let the mixture for a few hours, so you should do it in the vening, so you can leave it during the night. In the morning, rinse the toilet tank with water.

How do you use vinegar outside the kitchen?

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