How to tell if a tree is dying and what to in order to save it

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits that people living at home can enjoy is a beautiful and colorful garden. But in order to have a beautiful garden, you must take care of it properly and that is the subject of today – we are going to talk about trees, more specifically, how to tell if a tree is dying and that to do in order to save it. So, if in your garden you’ve noticed certain trees that have stopped growing, pay attention to these signs to see if those trees have been damaged by pests from inside out.

How to tell if a tree is dying and what to in order to save it

The inside of the tree – to check the inside of the tree, you need a knife and scratch the bark slightly. Thus, if it is green, it means it is alive, but if it has a brownish color, the tree has dried up and, unfortunately, there is no cure for it;

The branches – if they are still flexible, you have nothing to worry about, but if they crack fast and the noise is empty, this indicates that the tree is wilted. Also, if the branches of a tree are dry, get rid of them as quickly as possible because this will help the tree recover rapidly;

Spots on the bark – one of the most obvious signs that shows you that a tree is dead, is represented by the orange stains that appear on its bark. They indicate an infection of a fungus that will spread across the tree if you do not take action;

Ants – these are definitely a negative sign. So if you notice ants  at the base of a tree, it means that it is going through a decomposition process. Also, mushrooms at the base are another sign that the tree is not healthy


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