Plants that can grow without sunlight

For those of you who love indoor plants, but have apartament that don’t get to see the sunlight that much, nature has your back. More specifically, although it may seem strange, there are some plants that love or even prefer shady or dark areas. So, you do not have to worry that your apartment plants will die because they do not have enough light. However, if possible, it is advisable to take them for a while on the balcony or in a spot where there they can get sunlight, but this is not required. They will grow as well in a place with low light. So let’s see in the following rows which are the indoor plants that do not need light.

Plants that can grow without sunlight. Calathea

It has a very pleasant appearance, due to its leaves in various colors (white, yellow pink). This plant loves areas with low light and, more than that, too much light can harm them, so if you have a darker corner you want to decorate, this plant is the best option.

Plants that can grow without sunlight. Dragon tree

If you have never had indoor plants before, but you want to buy one, this is a great option because it is very easy to take care of. The only thing to keep in mind is that it should be kept in semi-dark places because sunlight can damage it.

Plants that can grow without sunlight. Spathiphyllum

Like the Dragon Tree, it is a very easy to take care of this plant because it has to be wet rarely and it prefers a darker place.

In conclusion, if you want to decorate your apartment with indoor plants, but at the same time you want plants that need minimal attention, the 3 examples above are perfect for that. You do not need to wet them very often and, most of all, they do not need the direct sunlight to survive.


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