8 Beautiful Bedding Ideas

Bed linen is always part of the final décor that a bedroom features. It first of all participates directly in the whole chromatic arrangement of the room, bringing beautiful accents, matched with the other accessories, but also contributes with fine looking contrasts that make a décor more vibrant. Here are some beautiful bedding ideas which give shape to tastefully decorated bedrooms, coming in different styles to meet all tastes.

A first fine contrast of those mentioned above, in which energetic and vibrant colors come one after another on a white background. The room emits harmony and a relaxed air, just what a bedroom needs after all.

lenjerii de pat Beautiful bedding ideas 3

A bed highlighted by abundant natural light that enters through the window behind. The linen takes and propagates the light across the room dominated by shades of beige, against which white brings open notes.

lenjerii de pat Beautiful bedding ideas 2

A classic décor this time, with many patterns, perfectly integrated, visually completing the solemn columns that flank the bed. White comes again to balance the whole chromatic décor.

lenjerii de pat Beautiful bedding ideas 1

This room shows how the color can be used in a more grown-up fashion, even if we are looking at a children’s bedroom: a sophisticated pairing of bed linen and wallpaper.

lenjerii de pat Beautiful bedding ideas 7

An industrial-style decor, with some oriental flavor, in this bedroom furnished simply, but tastefully, in combinations of colors, materials and accessories entirely original.

lenjerii de pat Beautiful bedding ideas 8

A classic bedroom again enveloped in a serene atmosphere. The bed is covered in a multitude of colors, all well linked, in which we distinguish white and light blue. Blankets, pillows and carpet add extra texture in this image.

lenjerii de pat Beautiful bedding ideas 6

A traditional floral design in a fashionable mocha-and-rose colorway is the starting point for cottage style in this bedroom. Blue ruffled edging ties the custom-made duvet and pillow shams to the upholstered headboard, while an antique quilt complements the color scheme.

lenjerii de pat Beautiful bedding ideas 5

Lively bedding is an easy way to introduce color and pattern into the bedroom. Here, tangerine and blue create playful mood next to the traditional wallpaper and headboard. A range of blues from dark to light provide the dominant theme, and orange supplies the accents.

lenjerii de pat Beautiful bedding ideas 4

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