Ideal Ceiling Height For A House: What Matters?

It has many times happened to us to walk into a room and suddenly get that claustrophobic feeling simply because the ceiling was too low. Or the other round, to hear our voice in an echo because the room was expanded more vertically then horizontally. Hence the justified question: what is the ideal ceiling height for a house? Specialists briefly answer this question in the article below as seen on

There are several criteria to take into account when determining the ideal ceiling height, such as climate, air circulation, natural light exposure and the proportions and aesthetics. In any case, they say, there is a trend change in taste whereby homeowners want a higher ceiling of the house. If we look at the standard houses built 20-30 years ago, the height ranged between 250 and 260cm. While modern dwellings today offers high ceilings in the range 280-300 cm, with some of the rooms having high ceilings four meters to seven meters in height.

Leaving the trend aside, you should know that, when establishing the height of the room, just look at these following aspects. First, the climatic factors in the region where the house is built. For instance, in Japan or Europe for example, high-ceiling up to 2.4 or 2.5 meters are common. The reason behind this choice is energy savings, because the higher the ceiling the higher the heating required. On the other hand, in coastal areas or hot climates high ceiling allows better air circulation, cooling the rooms. In addition, a high ceiling allows sunlight to enter more deeply into all parts of the house, removing dampness.

As concerns proportions, one of the rules says that that the height of the room should be higher than the width of the room. Another generic formula that might help you get the right height is length + width / 2 which architects say should result in proportional dimensions of the room. After all, they say, a beautiful design lies in good proportions.

In any case, experts further say, any discussion about the ideal height of a room should take into consideration the peculiarity of the house. In modern homes, for instance, the interior is often fragmented, with void high ceiling spaces between rooms and floors, expanding the space inside. In this case, too, the interior design facilitates air circulation and propagates natural light to any corner.

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