7 Alternative Uses For Eggs

We like them fried, boiled, in salads or as ingredients for various cakes and sweets. But an egg’s role is not confined to kitchen, but expands into a series of alternative uses which are helpful in various situations in our daily activities. Here are some alternative uses for eggs, in a succession of efficient ideas within reach, coming via Instructables.com

Eggs are rich in proteins that are very similar to those found in our hair, and so make great conditioning and strengthening masks. Try beating an egg (or a couple yolks if your hair is especially dry) with a bit of olive oil, and apply to your hair once frothy. If you want to smell less like an omelet, add a couple drops of a scented oil. Leave on for about 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Use eggs in beautifying treatments, too. Egg yolks and whites both have valuable qualities on their own for your skin, so there are a couple different facial treatments to do with eggs.

With egg whites, you can make a soothing anti-aging cleanser that smooths the skin. Whisk whites with a little bit of water, and wash over your face. After rinsing off, you should find puffiness diminished, and your pores looking smaller.

Egg yolks are very rich in Vitamin A, which is great for moisturizing. Just as you did with the whites, whisk these yolks with some water and use to wash your face. Alternate between these cleansers each night for best results.

If you boil an egg, don’t throw away the eater. Just let it cool and then use it to water your plants in the garden. Veggies like tomatoes, eggplants and peppers will appreciate the calcium rich water. Also, use egg shells to add the same nutrient to your compost.

If you burnt or cut, hard-boil and egg, and use that thin membrane between the white and the shell as a make-shift band aid. It will act as a thin kind of skin by applying enough pressure to stop the bleeding, and has scar-fighting nutrients

If you’re out of glue, then you should know egg whites are pretty sticky as they dry, and can easily double as an elmers-subsitute when gluing paper or light cardboard. You can also use egg white instead of glue in your papier-mâché project by mixing with flour, water, sugar, and some alum.

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