9 Dish Washing Tips

Washing dishes is that kind of bad news one gets at the end of a hard work day. But as there is a solution for every problem, no matter how difficult it may be, let’s let the experience of others help us get rid of this chore. Here are some dish washing tips so you spend less time in the kitchen and more with the family.

Burning on a pan is a nightmare ending only after lay our hands on a wire sponge. But leave the effort for other situations where you do not have an alternative, this time finding the solution in a much simpler manner. Pour coarse salt on the bottom of the pan and let it fight the crust for an hour. A strong jet of water will seal its fate then.

Coarse salt is an effective remedy for dirty forks, too. Moisten it a bit and then rub vigorously to remove all dirt between the teeth forks.

Coffeepot get brownish in time from the similar color powder from which we extract energy every day. If you want to give it back the initial appearance, boil water with a few slices of lemon in it and in the end it will look brand new.

For those stained coffee cups, put some ice cubes inside and then add two tablespoons of salt. Sticky sugar and coffee stains will disappear immediately.

Dish washing tips – grate the potato

Do not bother washing a grater. Leftovers that were caught in the teeth can be easily removed if you grind potatoes, with starch doing its job by the book. A lemon or a piece of bread with a hard shell are alternatives in this case.

Cast iron pans can be cleaned thoroughly if rubbed with an onion cut in half and then polished with a piece of gauze soaked in oil.

If rubbed with salt and pepper and then greased with oil, cast iron pans will not rust.

We all know that aluminum pots blacken inside. To remove this layer, let a composition of water and vinegar in equal measures simmer for a while. Optionally, after throwing the water, rub the aluminum vessels with a clump of nettles to remove any unpleasant odor.

Because they are now in vogue, nonstick cookware can be easily washed by boiling a cup of water and 2 teaspoons of baking powder in them. After 15 minutes, discard water, rinse the dishes and then brush with oil.

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