Accessible wooden houses. Starting from 20,000 euro

We have selected three projects of houses accessible from wood, for any budget and for all tastes. are houses suitable for a young couple or for a family with a child

Accessible wooden houses

The first house is a spacious one, with a built area of 100 square meters, of which the useful area is 80 square meters. The price for this house is 16,350 euros, priced at red or 35,000 euro, turnkey price. The house has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and an open space area that comprises kitchen, living room and dining.

Accessible wooden houses

The second model shows a traditional volume. The façade is symmetrical, with large windows, and a covered terrace is located in the back. The useful area is 44 sqm, and the turnkey house can be built for less than 20,000 euros. As far as sharing is concerned, the bedroom and bathroom are on one side of the entrance in half. Straight ahead is the living room, with the open kitchen, which includes the dining place, one side, and the living space, on the other side. The exit on the rear porch is in the middle.

Accessible wooden houses

Finally, we propose a building with ground floor and attic, suitable for a holiday home, with terrace on two sides. It goes directly into the living room with fireplace and table in the back, near the kitchen separated by a bar. There is also a bathroom on the ground floor, but also a technical and storage room. In the attic there is a hallway that can be arranged as a small day room, two bedrooms and a separate dressing. This House has a useful area of 66 square meters. The cost of construction, without terrace, is 28,105 euros on the brick structure and 27,335 euros on the wooden structure.




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