A Bedroom Makeover – Interior Design Inspiring Ideas

It takes will and, of course, a lot of imagination for changes that do make a difference. But however one may have of both, it always takes a bit of inspiration to get that perfect interior design. This is the very reason why we are now showing this bedroom makeover project – to use it as a source of inspiration for any change you want to do in tour home. Will, imagination, inspiration and a bit of courage…the courage to experiment with colors and patterns.

A bedroom makeover in New York

A bedroom makeover – before

The customer who hired a home design company wanted a complete change in her bedroom in an apartment in New York, according to Huffington Post. She told designers she liked patterns and bright colors and wanted the room to turn into a serene escape from her busy life as a lawyer and mom of three. After a couple of schemes, the designers decided to go with a palette of sea foam, grey and ivory. They shrunk from using other colors to keep with the owner’s main request of a space of tranquility.

A bedroom makeover in New York

A bedroom makeover – grey, sea foam and ivory

To break up the grey dominated chromatic monotony to give the room the whimsical touch she wanted. At the same time, to keep the room serene, they decided to use few items of furniture, but going for pieces that personalize the room and keep the room uncluttered. So they chose mirrored furniture to increase natural light and create that space impression.

A bedroom makeover in New York

A bedroom makeover – double duty furniture

Another trick designers used in decorating this space was to use a desk as a nightstand. Double-duty furniture is wonderful for small spaces, and since the client couldn’t fit a desk on the other side of the room, it was a fun way to give her place to put on her makeup or write emails without overcrowding the space, they explained. In the end the bedroom got a whole new face, relaxing and whimsical as the owner asked for.

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