A 1.5 Story Vs A 2 Story Home – Space Vs Intimacy

The difference between an attic house and a two story home may seem hardly noticeable to some, especially since it may take a closer look to see those architectural details that differ these homes from each other. There are though some aspects that come with each design which can eventually tip the balance in choosing between the two plans based on your tastes, needs and, primarily, budget. Below are some brief difference between a 1.5 story vs a 2 story home.

A first evaluation is done in terms of design. The attic house has a friendlier and a more chic appearance which may be explained by its smaller size. More than that, the attic itself exudes an intimate and bohemian air and, thanks to its design, the space can undergo a series of changes that can strongly personalize it. For this very reason, many choose to set up, entirely or partially, the attic as a space of intimacy. The skylights also open the sky perspective which also mark a change in design in comparison to the rooms on the floor below. We’ve seen in a previous article the full potential an attic holds.

It is though true that space is more generous when it comes to 2 story houses. Moreover, such a house offers extra storage space, namely the attic opening on top of the second floor (unless a house with a roof terrace) and features outdoor spaces, such as balconies. In the same context, bear in mind the 1.5 story home involves some restrictions in terms of furniture choice.

Moving from aesthetics to costs, we need to highlight that an attic house also involves extra costs for, first of all, finishes and thermal and acoustic insulation, or else that runs the risk of serious discomfort in summer and winter alike. Acoustic insulation is also important unless you enjoy the sound or rain falling on the roof and see it as an integral part of the Bohemian and romantic atmosphere.

On the other hand, taxes for attic homes are lower (by a quarter in Romania, for instance) because the living surface is also smaller. The math is also available for the building license fee. Upkeep costs are also lower if the insulation is done properly. On the flip side, the two story house requires more resources – building materials, maintenance costs, taxes – because the surface is bigger. Based on these arguments, try to strike a balance between tastes and needs, on the one hand, and costs, on the other hand.

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