Traditional houses with attic

People usually opt for a traditional architecture – buildings that reminds us of our grandparents’ house, but which are adapted to the times we live in, of course. So, below we prepared three projects of traditional houses, with attic, for any budget.


Traditional houses with attic

The first project is a house with a roof in two waters and a useful area of about 111 square meters. Exterior wood finishes, vertical and attic windows bring architecture to the present times, integrating it very well into the landscape. On the ground floor, open living spaces are connected to a terrace covered with a gorgeous pergola, in an opposite corner and there is a work desk. Upstairs there are also three bedrooms sharing a spacious bathroom. The key price of this House is about 50,000 euros, if you opt for the metallic structure.

Traditional houses with attic

The second project comes in a classic design, with extended eaves on the side to cover a terrace that heat the house on three sides, with stone poles that matches with the huge chimney. With a useful area of almost 145 square meters, the house fully dedicates the ground floor of family and social spaces, with several access points on the terrace. Upstairs there are three bedrooms, each of them open on a balcony. The price of this House is valued at 61,600 euros.

Traditional houses with attic

The last house on our list is a dwelling with a built area of 110 square meters, of which the usable area is 78 square meters. On the ground floor, the house has an open space area comprising kitchen, living room and dinning, as well as a bathroom. Two bedrooms and a bathroom are found in the attic. The price for this house is 16,600 euros, priced at red, and 39,000 euro, turnkey price.




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