5 mistakes you are making when doing the laundry

There are some things that we do with our eyes closed as if we were born being taught, but although they seem a piece of cake, there are cases in which we make mistakes, without realizing it. Today we are back with a new article on the topic of laundry and we found 5 mistakes that everybody makes when doing laundry.

5 mistakes you are making when doing the laundry. You do not choose the right temperature

Clothes will keep their shape and colors better if you wash them at a lower temperature. Contrary to what many believe, your clothes will be just as clean if you use cold or warm water, if you have a good washing machine and a good detergent. The only things we need to wash at high temperatures are linen and towels for disinfection.

5 mistakes you are making when doing the laundry. You use too much detergent

Often, we tend to put too much detergent in the washing machine because we have the impression that the clothes will be better cleaned. This is far from being true!  Read carefully the instructions on the washing detergent and use a glass or a special spoon to help you measure the amount correctly. If your clothes are very dirty, you can wash them twice

5 mistakes you are making when doing the laundry. You wash denim  too often

Your jeans should be washed every 2-6 months, depending on how often you wear them.

5 mistakes you are making when doing the laundry. You wash your lingerie in the machine

If you wash your bra using washing machine,  they will lose their shape  and will not give you the necessary support, so it is advisable to wash them by hand. The same rule applies when it comes to lace or bathing suits. As far as the tights are concerned, they can be washed in the machine at a low temperature, using a delicate detergent.

5 mistakes you are making when doing the laundry. You don’t clean your washing machine

Last but not least, you need to take care of your washing machine properly. If you do not clean it frequently, all the dirt  will be transferred to your clothes. So, make sure you air the machine out after every washing and about once a month, run an empty machine with detergent and vinegar for disinfection.

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