How To Stretch Your Shoes – 5 Simple Tricks

It is probably written in Murphy’s laws that your best pair of shoes do not fit when needed the most. Some extra kilos or no attention paid to details when you bought them and the snug shoes now lie in the closet instead of drawing attention. But do not despair, those shows can again make it into the spotlight by applying some easy stretching methods, simple and accessible. Here are some details on how to stretch your shoes in this article.

The first method consists of wearing some wet socks, dipped into warm water before putting them on. Now, put your feet into those disobedient shoes and wear them for a while, soon noticing the leather starts stretching. Of course, you may have to repeat the process a couple of times before the shoes fit your for good.

And since we mentioned socks, then let them on for a while to use them for the second shoe stretching method which is based on the natural process of dilatation. Put on some thick socks and then the shoes, take the hair dryer and set it to a medium temperature and then blow some warm air over the problematic shoes for a few minutes, while constantly moving your toes. The effect is guaranteed if you try this for a few times.

Based on the same physics principle, bring a pot of water to a boil. When the water gets steamy, hold your pair of shoes upside down over the boiling water for a few minutes. The steams will make the natural leather turn softer and more flexible. Wear them for a while or put in some rolled socks so the shoes stay fit.

Freeze a bag of water in your shoes. One common, handy household remedy for small shoes is to freeze a plastic bag filled with water. Water is unique in that it actually expands when it turns into solid ice. The water in your shoes will freeze, expand, and stretch out your shoes. Fill a one-quart, freezer-strength zip lock bag with water until it is half-full. Check for leaks and remove all air from the bag. Place the bag of water into your shoe, stuffing it up to the toe. You may use more than one bag of water if you need to fill the shoe where it is too small. Keep the shoes in the freezer until the water is completely frozen.

Purchase professional shoe stretching supplies from your local shoe repair shop. You can use a wooden shoe stretcher and spray a bottle of liquid shoe stretch to stretch the shoes, if you prefer this over the home-made remedy.


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