10 household items you use more than you should

When shopping, we carefully check the label of each product to see  what ingredients it has, but also what is expiration date. We do the same when it comes to cosmetics – we often find ourselves checking the bottles in order to make sure it is still safe to apply the product on our skin. Basically, we pay attention to every  product, but when it comes to household items we don’t think it is imporant. With that being said, you cand find below a list of 10 household items that we use more than we should, but also when we should replace them.

10 household items you use more than you should

First, let’s talk about some products that we usually keep in the bathroom.

Sponge – you usually buy a sponge and replace it only when it can no longer be used, don’t you? Well, it should actually be changed every 2 weeks. As for natural shower poufs they can be used up to 3 months, it they are put into boiled water once a month;

Towels – as we all know, the wet environment is ideal for bacteria and although we often wash them, towels need to be replaced. So make sure you do not use a towel for more than 2 years;

Toothbrush – this should be changed every 3 months as well as after each time you get a cold because otherwise you risk getting sick again;

Hairbrush – it should be cleaned weekly and replaced once a year;

Disinfectants – you if you have it for more than 3 months, you should throw it because they loose their efectiveness after this period.

10 household items you use more than you should

Power strips – they have a certain capacity but if we exceed it, they can become dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable not to use a power strip for more than 2 years;

Pillows – whether we are talking about the sleeping pillows  or the decorative cushions in the living room, they should be changed after 2 years. Of course, if they lost their shape earlier, they must be replaced because they can cause neck and back pain;

Slippers –  they must be changed every 6 months;

Pacifier – replace it after 3-4 weeks;

Running shoes – we all know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of running shoes, but if you did not know, they should be replaced after 11-12 months as they begin to deteriorate and will not support your foot as good and this can result in injury.

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