25 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

For many of us, the bedroom is the room where we rest, but also the room where we relax, watch a movie with our family or read a book. In addition, often the wardrobe is found in the bedroom, so this room easily becomes also our dressing. But according to the specialists, the bedroom should be the place where we rest and nothing more. And in order to have a nice sleep, it is indicated that in the bedroom we keep only the necessary things. 

25 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

Many people think that a bedroom decorated in a minimalist style requires at most a mattress and a bedside table, but things are not at all like that. On the contrary, as you will see, in the arrangement of the bedrooms below were used many pieces of furniture, but all of them have a simple design and are practical things, each having a well-established role. Thus, if you want a minimalist bedroom, the main rule that you have to respect is to choose only the really useful furniture. In this respect, limit yourself to one or two bedside tables, a few books and paintings (with simple and thin frames), a potted plant and several lighting fixtures, preferably suspended. In terms of the chromatic palette, opt for white, gray, black or warm, neutral colors.

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