What You Can Do With A Battery – 7 Smart Ideas

They are, probably, our last concern when it comes to recycling. Batteries, not matter what type, usually end up in the trash bin since we are so convinced their life is over. But batteries do not give up so easily and a series of recent studies and experiments show that their mission is far from being over. So here is what you can do with a battery, leaving some videos convince us that a grain of energy can also be useful.

A first answer comes from researchers with the American company IMB according to whom old laptop batteries should not be thrown away because they still deposit enough energy to light households. More specifically, they discovered that 70 % of them have enough energy to keep a LED bulb lit for 4 hours a day for a whole year. The study focused mainly on the practical side of this discovery which could help hundreds of millions of poor families. We will most probably hear more on this topic in the near future.

But let’s move on to other alternative uses of a battery which can turn helpful in our daily life. Did you happen to know that you can start a fire with a small battery and an aluminum foil? This is a handy solution for those venturing into nature and who forgot to bring matches or a lighter with them. Here is a video below showing you how to do that.

The same objective reached with a 9 V battery and some steel wool, in an experiment coming from Russia. Just keep a close eye on the flames if you try that at home.

In the next clip, the amateur expert uses the connectors of some used batteries to finally make different home items. Just take a look at this short video, very captivating indeed.

Coming back to the laptop battery, this can be used to build a portable power bank which you can use to charge your other gadgets at home, especially smartphones. A very useful practical idea that will also save you some money, described in detail in the video below.


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