Easy Cooking – Reliable Tips In The Kitchen

Cooking is a hobby for some people, but for others it comes as a real ordeal. for the latter, here is a brief synthesis of some easy cooking tips that turn spending time in the kitchen into a pleasant activity and, especially, a short one. These tips are time-tested so you can rely on them to save time for the family.

Our grandmothers used to master the art of kneading the dough with such passion and dedication. But if you want a soft and tender dough, then sift the flour before mixing with water.

Moreover, the dough rises uniformly and fluffy if baking powder is sifted with flour.

Not going further from baking, add a tablespoon of vinegar in the composition for a fluffy texture.

Did you know that white rice remains whole if you add a slice of lemon in the pot to be cooked? Try and convince yourselves!

Even if Easter is gone, here’s a trick that you will use if you are an aficionado of veal. The smell of lamb or sheep can disappear definitively if, before being cooked, the meat is scalded in boiling milk. The meat should stay submerged in milk for an hour, until the liquid cools down.

A chicken about to be roasted will be crispy and will make nice and brown, if, before being placed in the oven, is greased with 3-4 tablespoons of sour cream or honey.

Whether they are made with cabbage or vine leaves, cabbage rolls will be tastier if cooked 15 minutes in red wine.

Add a pinch of salt, lemon and a teaspoon of egg white to get a fluffy mayonnaise.

But if you have bad luck and spoil it, then add a drop of boiling water and the composition regains texture.

Cheese kept in the refrigerator for a long time tends to dry. But it can regain the fresh look if you keep it in warm milk for a few hours.

After crushing garlic cloves, rub them with a little oil for a better taste and to remove a bit of the characteristic hotness.

Stuffed peppers will not soften during cooking if you brush them with olive oil before you put them in the pot.

If you cook liver or kidney, hold these organs in raw milk for about 20-25 minutes before processing them.

Cleaning the fish scales is a dirty operation, literally and figuratively. Put a pot of water on the fire and when it begins to boil, keep the fish over for a few minutes and cleaning will come much easier.

Meshes no longer stick to the pan if you put a pinch of flour in the hot oil, let it brown and then add eggs.

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