What To Do With Coffee Grounds – 5 Smart Home Ideas

We took a first look a while ago at some ideas showing us how coffee grounds can take on new roles in our homes. We are back with some new ingenious hacks that make this accessible resource lend us a helping hand in various situations we often run into in our day to day life. So here is what to do with coffee grounds, listing various utilities.

If you ever run out of dishwashing liquid, then find it an accessible replacement. You can find on the bottom of your coffee cup as soon as you inoculate the daily dose of energy. So place a few teaspoons of grounds on a thin cleaning rag and use to scour away grease and grime. Finish with a thorough rinsing and the pots will shine again, while releasing that discreet and fresh smell of coffee.

Now, keep a little cup of coffee grounds near or under your sink, and rub a handful of them on your hands after chopping garlic or onions or other smelly things, such as fish. The grounds will absorb the odor, while your skin will get some extra moisture.

We stay in the kitchen to give you an easy solution to an often met problem – clogged pipes. To solve that nagging issue, pour used coffee grounds down the sink or bathtub drain, followed by 3 drops of dish soap and a pot of boiling water. This will clean and clear the drain of clogs and built up grease.

We all know that wooden furniture is so compatible with scratches. However careful we may be, the little lines drive us nuts. So, if you want to take them out of your visual range, then trick your senses by dipping a cotton swab into steeped grounds and dab on scratches in dark wood furniture to minimize them. You may want to test this first in an inconspicuous area to try your hand.

Finally, let’s also give these ideas an artistic touch. Get some paper sheets and immerse them in a mixture of water and coffee grounds and let them sit their few a few minutes. Let them dry and then remove the grounds. You will get an antique look paper you can use for various decorative items at home or for romantic letters.

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