Vintage Furniture For The Living

The vintage style is always back in force every time we feel we are too absorbed by anything that relates to modern and contemporary designs. The classic and retro always come to bring the perfect balance into a home in a symbiosis we have often run into, in which the nowadays design gets the extra elegance of the yesteryear. All these being said, here a few interesting vintage furniture for the living, all the items exuding the same traditional air which calls for respect.

A TV stand is always a piece of furniture that can match the décor and space in any room, even in a hallway. Its vintage style and decorative elements draw the attention and impart elegance all around.


A table in the living room is the central piece of all the socializing activities deployed there, with in the friends’ of the family’s company. Go for various designs, even oriental, which add mystery to the décor.


Classy doesn’t necessarily mean lacking vitality. Breathe in some energy in your rooms by relying on colorful furniture and accessories which will rouse the décor, regardless of the respectable age of whatever items you turn to.

decorarea-casei-in-stil-vintage-vintage-style-decor-ideas-2 decorarea-casei-in-stil-vintage-vintage-style-decor-ideas-3

Sometimes the whole picture revolves around a single piece, carefully picked. A drawer, a chest, a small table or an old lamp – each can quickly become the visual focal point in a room, reflecting that yesteryear calm atmosphere all around.

decorarea-casei-in-stil-vintage-vintage-style-decor-ideas-6 decorarea-casei-in-stil-vintage-vintage-style-decor-ideas-17

You all must have seen them in your grandparents’ houses, those hope chests and trunks, small or big, with iron reinforcements. Use them as original coffee tables or simple decorative items which exude sensibility all across the room.

mic-mobilier-vintage-vintage-pieces-of-furniture-2 mic-mobilier-vintage-vintage-pieces-of-furniture

Come and have a seat in this safari rosewood wood and leather chair, made in the 50’s. It goes perfectly with the old radio and pick-up shown before, for a vintage corner where to hide in your spare time.

mic-mobilier-vintage-vintage-pieces-of-furniture-6 mic-mobilier-vintage-vintage-pieces-of-furniture-7

What can be more attractive and captivating than an old radio incorporating a pick-up which you can also use as a coffee table? An old time tune will clean us spiritually at the end of a hard day’s work.


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