9 Multi-Functional Room Dividers

We all look for our cozy space of intimacy and tranquility, especially in our small apartment. This is how the “bonus room” concept arose in contemporary architecture, namely that small refuge room where one can easily hear his thoughts. If we cannot afford such a room, then we can easily turn to room dividers to create our own corner of intimacy. Another advantage of these separators is maintaining the flexibility to change a space’s utility with relative ease. Here are 9 multi-functional room dividers. Pictures and description come via Contemporist.com

What a better way to induce relaxation than a wine rack? Dividing the living room from the dining room in this South African home is a large wine cabinet.


In this next picture, the living room and dining room in this home are divided by a partition that on one side holds the TV and entertainment system, and on the other holds a liquor cabinet. There’s also a fireplace on both sides to provide warmth no matter where you’re sitting.


These hanging dividers section off space and can be used as a white board to jot down ideas throughout the day. As we said, practical goals are also available.


Storage space is never enough, isn’t it? Splitting the living and kitchen areas from the entrance of this home are two custom made dividers that have plenty of storage both on and in them.


Modular cubbies that fit together in all sorts of configurations make a room divider with tons of storage space.


This room divider is also a bookshelf with cupboards that can be arranged in a number of different ways to meet all of your dividing and storing needs. Or this simple bookshelf which is an example for tiny apartments or in spaces where a full dividing wall isn’t necessary.

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Made from pipes, a mirror, a cushion, and a wood shelf, this divider separates the entry way from the living area and provides a convenient spot for putting on shoes, checking your reflection in the mirror, and hanging your umbrella at the end of the day.


Bring some nature into your rooms. A divider filled with flowers and plants is a great way to create separation between spaces and brightens up the whole area.


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