9 Unknown Uses Of Corn Starch

We have previously presented eight ingenious uses of corn starch, the powder we keep at the back of a shelf or drawer without knowing its real potential. We are back with new details which make the corn starch a product you can count on in various situations, from cleaning to personal hygiene. So here are 9 other unknown uses of corn starch.

If you dribble salad dressing on your favorite leather jacket, then here is a quick solution. Sprinkle cornstarch over grease stains, and let set overnight. Gently rub off with a damp paper towel for refreshed leather. You can also remove ink stains from cloth with the help of cornstarch. Mix cornstarch with milk. Put this paste on the stain. After it becomes dry, brush the area and wash the cloth as usual.

If you tend to chafe, rub a dust of cornstarch on problem areas, like the back of the neck, before putting on clothes.

If you’re running late and have no time to shower, sprinkle some corn starch on your scalp. Let it sit there for a few minutes before brushing out; the cornstarch will absorb the oil. You can also do this for pets, especially for water-phobic felines!

Use cornstarch as a face cleaner. Add two tablespoon each of cornstarch and glycerin along with half cup of water. Keep these things in double boiler and heat until it is thick. Use this mixture to clean the face instead of soap.

Turn to this powder again to untangle knots: sprinkle some cornstarch on a stubborn knot to help untangle it with ease.

Add the cornstarch to the small saucepan and cover with the water. Mix with the spoon until the cornstarch is incorporated, then turn the heat to medium under the pot. Bring to a boil while stirring constantly. You’ll see the mixture thicken, creating the base for the finger paints. Remove the mixture from heat and divide into small containers. Add a few drops of food coloring to each, stir again, and let cool. Your gluten-free finger paint is ready for squishing and mixing on a sheet of white paper by little hands.

Adding a sprinkle of cornstarch to eggs before whipping makes them superfluffy. This is a good choice for those looking for those fluffy omletes. You can also thicken gravies, sauces and batters with the help of cornstarch. Mix cornstarch with little water and add to gravies and batter.

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