Tips For Choosing A Carpet

A carpet is an important accessory which shape the profile of a room, along furniture and curtains. Even though it may seem an easy task based on some facile criteria, such as color and pattern, choosing a carpet should be done according to some more complex guiding lines. Below are some tips for choosing a carpet, taking several aspects into consideration.

First of all, beyond the color, pattern and texture preferences, pick a carpet having in mind the room where it will be placed. It goes without saying that heavy traffic rooms, such as the living or the dining rooms, require a monochrome dark color carpet which can cope with a higher usage of those rooms. The shaggy style carpets, for instance, go well with bedrooms or children’s rooms thanks to the thick texture which is extra comfortable for lounging on, making it a great option for homes with kids and pets. Don’t under any circumstances choose this type of carpets for dining rooms because you will have a hard time cleaning crumbs, for instance.

Color is another criterion to heed when picking a carpet so that the room rests in a chromatic balance. For instance, cool hues of pastels and neutrals work well in making smaller rooms appear larger, while warm hues like browns and rusts create a more closed-in, warmer, homier effect, while warm hues and earth tones such as beige, taupe and brown can give off a relaxed, quiet mood. If you have walls with heavy patterns, go for a simple, monochrome carpet that will balance the room. The rule also works vice versa, if you have a simple curtain, then choose a carpet which is more loaded chromatically.

Tips for choosing a carpet at home

Tips for choosing a carpet – chromatic balance

At the same time, mind the contrast between the carpet and the floor so that you always have that dark/light ratio between the two visual layers. And since we mentioned the floor, don’t pick carpets that cover it entirely or carpets that will mostly lie under furniture items. It will lose that decorative role carpet has in a room, along other accessories.

Finally, when picking a carpet make it so that it goes well with the design style of the place. For instance, a Persian carpet is a perfect choice for a classic, conservative home, while simple, abstract pattern carpets are the ideal choice for the modern, minimalist homes. In the same context, multicolor carpets suit the classic-conservative interior design, while the monochromatic ones go well with airy and modern fitted rooms.

Tips for choosing a carpet at home

Tips for choosing a carpet – abstract patterns in a modern room


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