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We’ve seen houses rise from the ground, up in the tree tops, seeking the supremacy of the altitude. Few are those who venture to live underground. Among them are the architects of a Swiss company who defied the conventional and built not one, but nine underground abodes, all giving shape to a community which reminds us of Tolkien’s fantasy books. The final result is a fairy scene and a “wow” which comes out of the mouths of those beholding these pictures below. No doubt, literally standing in front of these homes conjures a mix of feelings, from admiration and surprise to a bit of confusion.

The architects who built them call the home cluster the “Earth Homes”, spread around a small lake which is accessed via some small beautiful terraces, according to The underground houses are made out of concrete and, predictably, earth. Dirt and grass surround the structures, helping insulate the homes like a blanket, protecting it from rain, cold, wind, and abrasion. Meanwhile, the floors are also made from dirt, but coated with a concrete formula to help keep them intact.

The underground village in Switzerland

The underground village – crops and skylights on the natural roof

satul subteran the underground village 3

The community appear to float under the hilly terrain and seem to be dripping into the lake we just mentioned. The materials, including the window glass, are recycled and introduced into the building circuit in a very innovative and original way. And as if these were not enough, the natural roof is also used for growing herbs which the home owners use for their own consumption.

The estate consists of nine houses, all made from the concrete-adobe mix. The interior living structure varies from homes featuring three bedrooms to even seven bedrooms. Hard to believe behind the whitewashed walls there is a genuine living maze.

Designers thought of all the details. In order to maximize daylighting, the areas which would be used most during the day are situated towards the south, and the nighttime areas towards the north. Bathrooms and stairs to the basement sit between the two and all of the bathrooms get natural light via skylights. And believe it or not, the estate has even an underground parking lot!

The underground village in Switserland

The underground village – not only humans, but also cars go underground

satul subteran the underground village 6

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