The Minimalist Caravan – Refuge In Nature

Those who like to venture into nature know that the smaller the backpack is, the nicer the incursion is. This is the same for those driving away from crowded cities and seeking refuge in a still unspoiled environment. This is exactly what Tinycamper, a private company based in Lithuania, relied on by  making modern teardrop-style campers that provide shelter during quick weekend getaways for those who love the outdoors, but just aren’t into living in tents. Here is more on the minimalist caravan.

According to, Tinycamper’s campers keep with the traditional teardrop design, being small and lightweight. The interior space of the Teardrop MINI, Tinycamper’s basic model, is just large enough for two adults to sleep in comfortably, but you could squeeze in a small child as well. In fact, the mattress spans wall-to-wall inside the cabin, making for a pretty cozy bunk once the doors on either side are closed. In higher up models, the cabin includes a fold-down bunk where one or two small children can sleep. Under the sleeping surface is minimal storage and the cabin has only few small shelves—just enough space to balance a cup of coffee and a good book.

The minimalist caravan

The minimalist caravan – modern design, generous interiors for a young couple

caravana minimalista minimalist caravan 6

The base model has a small side window in one of the doors as well as a rooftop vent, enabling airflow through the cabin. The mid-range model also sports a ‘skyroof’ window, which is a fixed pane that offers near panoramic views from inside the cabin—a great way to stargaze while snuggled with your sweetheart.

The most interesting part though is the rear of the trailer is the food prep area. The basic model is outfitted with a tailgate that lifts up, creating a bit of an awning over a small counter top and storage areas. Tinycamper offers a variety of kitchen options to add, including a mini fridge, a tiny sink, and a gas tank. A clever roll-out shelf creates an extra work surface for a camping stove. Prices range from $7,000 for the basic MINI “eco-model” to $10,700 for a tricked-out off-road version.

The minimalist caravan

The minimalist caravan – a perfectly integrated camp kitchen

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