The Floating Modular Home – Mobile Solutions From Russia

A holiday retreat that can follow every traveling plan you may have both on land and water sounds like the perfect thing. DublDom, a prefabricated modular home made in a plant near Moscow, has been a resounding success within Russia ever since it was introduced some years ago. Reasons for this are plenty: Its modular design and quick on-site installation make it especially suitable for vacation homes, temporary housing and installations in remote locations.

The latest model designed by the Russian architects is an improved version, adaptable to float on water stretches. You can see such a floating modular home in the attached images, spreading on 26 square meters, moored on Volga River, housing a guest suite of a local hotel for customers who are after unique sensations.

The floating modular home in Russia

The floating modular home – this model comes with utilities with autonomous operation

casa modulara plutitoare The floating modular home 5

According to website, the DublDom Houseboat has the same design and floor plan as its land-based counterpart. There is an open living area in front with a fully-glazed wall facing the covered porch which can be used for either sunbathing or fishing. The bedroom area and bathroom are in the back corners. Here the hotel has put a sofa bed in the living area for extra guest capacity. The interior is finished with wood throughout for a cozy cabin feel, while the exterior is clad in durable metal.

The floating modular home in Russia

The floating modular home – interiors clad in wood, exteriors draped in durable metal

casa modulara plutitoare The floating modular home 4 casa modulara plutitoare The floating modular home 6

The floating version comes insulated, wired and plumbed with all the fixtures already installed. When it comes to the DublDom Houseboat though, the utilities can be designed either for shore connections or for autonomous operation in case the owner thinks of floating along the shores of a lake. With the success of DublDom within Russia and expressions of interest from around the world, the company is now looking for partners to manufacture and market the prefab houses in Europe and the United States. The houses sell for prices ranging between 15,000 and 35,000 Euros, depending on the size.

The floating modular home n Russia

The floating modular home – the land version of DublDom set in the middle of nature

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