Home Secrets – Brief Cleaning Guide

Since weekend is so close and so is cleaning time, here are some new practical advice that will turn your mission easier and shorter. These are the same ideas centered on using banal items we have at home for whole new purposes, many of them efficient solutions to common problems we run into often. So here are some home secrets in this brief cleaning guide, coming via Realsimple.com.

We have often spoken about the need to remove some stickers from various products we buy. Without having to use sharp items to do so, apply cooking oil to the sticker using a paper towel or a soft cloth, let it sit for a while and then rub firmly and rinse with warm soapy water. If the adhesive is stubborn, use a dab of toothpaste along with the oil and the mission will come to an end quickly.

If you happen to have a ceiling fan and do not know how to clean it other than climbing on a chair with a piece of cloth in your hand, then slide an old case over a fan’s blade then pull the fabric back, keeping all the dust and dirt contained. Make sure the case is a bit wet to clean as much dust as possible.

There is no match to the smell of fresh coffee. But to get that you may have to clean that coffee grinder one in a while to remove impurities and odors. For that, mill a handful of grains in your grinder and the fine particles will absorb stale odors and clean out residual grounds and oil. Discard the rice and wipe clean. You can get the same results by using sugar.

If you inherited some brass and copper items that time has left its mark upon, then you can give them back the yesteryear’s shine with a paste made from a few tablespoons of white vinegar and equal parts salt and flour. Apply with a soft cloth, rinse, and dry.

Speaking of antiquities, old glass, porcelain and crystal hand painted frames are better off if cleaned by rubbing with newspaper dipped in a solution of one part white vinegar and one part warm water. The modern cleaning solutions may damage those finishes on the glass and are not recommended.

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