String Ornaments for Christmas. Easy-to-Make With Unlimited Possibilities

Each one of us can make his own Christmas decorations, for a lovely, customized holiday atmosphere. Today we show you how to make string ornaments for Christmas, in only a few steps, with unlimited creative possibilities and amazing results.

We can shape string, we can intertwine strings of different colors, we can apply sparkle or glue pebbles to it, in numberless designs.

1. String ornaments for Christmas. Tree globes

string ornaments for Christmas

To create this amazing Christmas tree globes you need: balloons, wool thread, a bowl, polyvinyl alcohol, scissors, glitter.

string ornaments for Christmas

Inflate the balloon and make a knot. For a perfect round shape, inflate it at maximum and deflate slowly at the desired size. Randomly wrap the wool thread around it, or follow a specific pattern. Don’t forget to let the thread longer at the bottom of the balloon, you’ll have to twist and cut them later.

string ornaments for Christmas

Make a mixture of water and polyvinyl alcohol. Soak the balloon completely into the mixture. Then sprinkle with glitter and let it dry over night.

string ornaments for Christmas

After it dried, break the balloon and carefully remove all leftovers from the wool threads. With the longer threads make a hanger.

2. String ornaments for Christmas. Miniature fir trees

string ornaments for Christmas

These minimalist cone-shaped ornaments will look amazing on your Christmas table or around the house. They are easy to make and all necessary materials are easy to get.

You’ll need: 33-49 ft thread, paper to make the cones (you can find cone shapes in shops also), liquid starch and decorative materials  (optional).

You can easily make home-made starch. You need corn starch and water. Mix 2 tea spoons corn flour and 2 tea spoons cold water in a tray. Add to the mixture one cup of boiled water. Then let it cool down. Don’t use glue for this mixture, the thread will stick to the cone.

Make a paper cone and use scotch tape to fix it. Then, wrap it in foil.

string ornaments for Christmas

Next step is to soak the thread in starch. Do it with care and remove starch excess from thread.

string ornaments for Christmas

Wrap the thread on the cone as you wish and let it dry over night in a heated room.  After it dries, remove the paper cone, then the foil. Do it gently, because the ornament is very fragile.

string ornaments for Christmas

3. String ornaments for Christmas. Pretty stars

You need: red thread, starch (see the recipe above), a bowl, 10 matches and a piece of polystyrene.

string ornaments for Christmas

Pour the starch in a bowl and soak very well the thread in it. Fix the matches into the polystyrene, forming a 5 pointed star (see the image). Pass the thread through and around the matches and form the star. Then fill it with the pattern you desire. Let it dry over night in a heated room. Slowly remove the matches and detach the star from the polystyrene.


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