Small Modern House Plans. Everything You Need and More on the Smallest Areas

Modern homes are designed to offer the maximum of space and comfort with minimal costs. That doesn’t mean their design can’t be an incentive too, especially for active, practical people who also want a more open to the outside home. Here are three small modern house plans that are economical, designed with attention to detail and include charming facilities for spending time outdoors.

The first model is really small, only 840 square feet, and has a deep covered front porch that projects its welcoming feel on the whole house.

small modern house plans

From the porch, one enters through a lobby, leading into the living room with open kitchen attached. There’s a screened wall on the side, a bit out of line, a great place for the dining table. From the opposite side of the room there’s a hallway passing by a small bathroom and leading to the two bedrooms and an additional toilet.

small modern house plans

Small modern house plans. Wrapped-around porch on two sides

The second home is 1,065 sq. ft., has a nice wrapped-around porch on two sides, partially covered, like an outdoor living room. Decorative wooden elements are neatly added to create a pleasant, relaxing feel about this home.

small modern house plans

There’s also a lobby, crossed by a long hallway, leading to two bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet to the left and to the living and dining room, kitchen and utility room to the right.

small modern house plans

Small modern house plans. Summer house

Here is also a summer house with a very modern design, with large screened walls and porches all around. It lies on 860 sq. ft. and has only one bedroom.

small modern house plans

From the covered front porch one enters through a central hallway. On one side of it there are a large kitchen, dining table included, and the bedroom, at the end there’s the bathroom and to the other side there’s the living room. Both the living room and the bathroom have screened walls sided by covered porches, while light invades the kitchen from the front and sideways.

small modern house plans


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