The Tree House – the Designer Who Built His Dream With His Own Hands

We all admire those who start over with a lot of energy and optimism or those who give up on everything they have to fulfill their dream, not discouraged by this sacrifice. The story to be told is one that emboldens and inspires us alike and shows life doesn’t come down to a simple well-paid job. Life is beyond these illusionary things and truly starts when pleasure comes from making dreams come true.

The story begins in the much heard old-fashioned style, but despite this, it is a savory story. Foster Huntington quit his job designing for Ralph Lauren four years ago. He now says back then he didn’t have any plan other than to buy a VW van and drive far away from New York City. After scouring the country, he published several photo books which he says were solid proof that overhauling your life can be a beautiful adventure.

After three years on the road, Huntington decided he wanted to settle down and build a house. But not any type of house. “I have always loved treehouses. So I thought it was time to build a big-boy one,” he told Outside Magazine. He brought a group of friends and started working. The place he chose for his new eccentric home was a forest in western Washington, near Oregon border.

The tree house in the woods

The tree house – a dream come true

It took them one year to complete the project. What came out was not a tree house, but two of them, hoisted on different trees and connected by a 25 foot span bridge. Moreover, he also built a soaking tub in the open air for the absolute sense of freedom.

“I could’ve bought a house,” he told The New York Times. “But this is so much better. For me, it’s realizing a childhood dream”, he pointed out. From up there, in his tree houses, Forest Huntington is telling the story of his dream come true on his blog, A Restless Transplant. He keeps traveling, but always come back to his home to put down the experiences he goes through.

The tree house in the woods

The tree house – bath tub in the open air


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