Small house plans. Examples of two-bedroom houses

In the ranks below, we propose three projects of small but very cosy and welcoming houses. Thus, we invite you to discover three models of two-bedroom houses, suitable for a young couple or for a family with a child.

Small house plans

The first house is a home with a useful area of 70 square meters, a red price of 13,000 euros and a key price of about 30,000 euros. Thus the House has an open space area comprising kitchen, living room and dining, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Small house plans

The second house has a built area of 80 square meters and a useful area of 65 square meters. In terms of costs, the price to red is 12,000 euros, while the key price reaches about 30,000 euros. The construction plan proposes a bedroom, to which an office is added, but if necessary, this room can be transformed without any problem in a bedroom and thus, the House becomes suitable for a family with three or even four members. The two rooms add the kitchen, living room, bathroom and two terraces.

Small house plans

The third and last House has a useful area of 87 square meters and a key price of 40,000 euros. In terms of sharing, the house has a living room, a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, both upstairs, and two bathrooms. The living room, dining room and kitchen are merged into a large space which then opens into a large terrace of 27 square meters, which comprises the house on two sides of its. Access to the house through the front is done by a smaller terrace this time, under the roof of one of the two bedrooms upstairs. The house has a simple design with a note of dynamism impregnated by decorative bricks and wooden pergola.




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