Small House Plans, Under 50,000 Euros

The final price of a house is a central element in any calculation we make before planning to change the home. In this context, here are some small house plans that boast final costs not exceeding 50,000 Euros, according to the builder. They are houses both on a single or two levels that catch the eye thanks to a classy architecture with a touch of modernity. The plans come come via

The first plan is an attic house spreading on a living area of 115 square meters. The house features a traditional architecture, marked by fine contrasts and wood clad areas and details that impart a friendly air. A dormer, a modern skylight and a chimney come in a visual combination that enriches the exterior. On the ground floor, the living area is connected to a terrace outside, with the kitchen being partially closed, with the rest of the space completed by a bathroom and a technical room. Upstairs rest three bedrooms that share a bathroom, one of them enjoying access to a balcony. The estimated price of this house is almost 49,000 Euros.

case-mici-small-house-plans-1 case-mici-small-house-plans-2 case-mici-small-house-plans-3

The second plan shows a single level house which also gives the owner the chance to turn the attic into a living space. The house spreads on 112 square meters and features a carport on the side. On the ground floor, half of the space is reserved for the living area which spills outside, while the other half packs two bedrooms, a bathroom and a technical room. The attic can house a bedroom and a bathroom, part of the space opening to below.

case-mici-small-house-plans-4 case-mici-small-house-plans-5 case-mici-small-house-plans-6

Finally, the third plan describes a beautiful house which boasts the same wooden details that catches the attention right away. The total living area of this house rises to 117 square meters. On the ground floor, the living area shares the same open space which connects to the outdoor area, along a bathroom and a technical room. Upstairs lie three bedrooms, one of them opening into a balcony. The price of this house is estimated to stand at 49,980 Euros.

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