How To Pick The Builder Of Your Home

Building a house is a process that involves a lot of stages. You can find a brief guide on this topic by following this link. But all these stages converge into a major decision that concerns the choice of the builder the one contracted to materialize you dream. We have talked to two managers of construction companies to get more details on this topic. So here is how to pick the builder of your home as explained by Laurentiu Ionescu from and Bogdan Patras from and

“The way laws are done these days doesn’t allow someone to build his home himself or by hiring some amateurs. Which is what prompts the customer to learn how to pick a builder. There are many factors to be taken into account here, both professionally and economically. When we talk about private homes, there are indeed a few professional builders for this segment of small houses. But people should know that not all the builders lack professionalism, as the word goes. Maybe the customers are a little uninspired when making their choices and hence the subsequent problems. Big builders that take care of all sorts of works do not do small homes and this is why it is a little harder to find the right builder for a small home”, Ionescu explained.

Experience should top the criteria of choosing a builder. “Any successful project involves experience. A customer needs someone to be able to put together various activities because building a home also involves plumbing, carpentry, roof and insulation. When we speak about a general entrepreneur, we look at someone who coordinates all these specialties on a single site”, he further said.

“That is why, choosing the right builder means guaranteed quality. Me, for instance, can show potential customers some previous works. Before signing the contract I recommend them to check if a house matched the expectations of the owner with whom he can also discuss for a full feedback. The rest of the financial calculations are up to the new customer, but he should also know that an experienced builder can very well anticipate costs with a margin of +/- 1%, with some exceptions, of course”, Laurentiu Ionescu concluded.

As far as Bogdan Patras is concerned, he recommends not choosing a builder based on the price offer since this is not always relevant. “I have met builders that enticed with low costs, but did a terrible job in the end and customers ended up with higher costs than they had anticipated. Or builders that asked for high prices but didn’t do their job to match this financial level”, he further said.

“The builder’s experience has to be verified, what exactly he built in the past. Therefore, a customer has to talk to previous beneficiaries and check other houses. Then, each stage of the building process should be done with a specialized builder – the frame, the finishes or the roof, each should be the responsibility of someone who has the respective specialty. There are many builders that have a lot of employees who are good at anything, this is why you should rely on specialists solely. Last, but not least, do not pay all or most of the money in advance, but make sure you get to pay it in trances”, he further said.

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