A welcoming home – a few tips for the host

Being a good host means first of all to put your guest in the spotlight. But no matter how hospitable you are, if the home is not as welcoming then the good host mission risks to fail, and all because of non-observance of some simple rules. The Huffington Post made a short list of tips to follow in order to have a welcoming home and make the guest feel like home:

First, the white glove test, meaning thorough cleanliness verification. Check the guest room, remove dust bunnies hidden different corners or a spider web hanging from the lamp. Make sure that the room is not overloaded with too many decorations so that the guest feels crowded by all the details. So cleanliness and comfort are the top keywords.

Cleanliness and comfort, essential for a welcoming home

How many times haven’t you spent nights at relatives or friends? The first impression, after the general appearance, is given by the bed sheets. For this reason, use clean and starched linen, with pillow cases observing the same rules. A discreet freshener slipped through the sheets is an extra invitation to a peaceful sleep.

We are all different and this is also reflected in our culinary preferences. Therefore, whether you welcome a friend, a relative or a business partner it is a must to know what their food preferences are, especially if you have a guest with various dietary restrictions or who suffers from certain allergies.

Next rule for a welcoming home applies especially to hosts living in big cities. Any interest expressed by the guest to visit the city or certain objectives must be answered with accurate data or, why not, with brochures about local attractions, transport system and other general information. For those with Internet in the blood, Wi- Fi password is the first thing they look for and it would be advisable, for a pleasant surprise, to write it down on a piece of paper and place it in the guest room.

A welcoming home respects privacy

If guests spend more time in your home, it is recommended that you make a small tour which will familiarize them with the place. First, for strictly practical reasons, to see where you keep the coffee machine and other kitchenware, where he or she can take clean towels or an extra blanket, if necessary. It is sometimes unpleasant for a stranger to ask a question for every single need and therefore it is better to anticipate them.

Last but not least for a welcoming home, respect their privacy. For this reason, make sure you’ve got everything you might need from the room before the guest arrives. Repeatedly knocking on the door is definitely annoying and puts the guest in unpleasant situations. If the situation requires, let them help you to small chores in the house, such as arranging meal, or even opening a wine bottle. Sometimes this is how a guest shows gratitude for the hospitality received.

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