Six Alternative Uses Of Rice At Home

We are used to rice in a plate next to a well done steak. But it would have never crossed our mind that rice can also have different uses at home, from practical aspects to matters that concern our health. Below are six alternative uses of rice at home which will surely make our life easier.

First of all, rice cleans thoroughly, according to For instance, if you have a dirty coffee grinder which takes a toll on the taste of your morning energizer, then pour half a cup of uncooked rice into the device and grind until it gets pulverized. Not only will the rice will soak up any oils lingering in the grinder, but it will also sharpen the blades. The next coffee you will drink will be something different for sure.

If you have back pains or any other aches, fill a clean sock with the raw rice, leaving enough room for the grains to move around and be able to conform to your body. Tie the end of the sock tightly with string or tie the end in a knot. To heat, put the filled sock in a microwave oven for one minute. If it’s not warm enough, continue heating in 30 second increments until it reaches desired temperature. The makeshift compress can also be used as an ice pack by keeping it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes.

If you accidentally got your phone wet, do not despair! Remove the battery and then insert in a bowl of uncooked rice, submerging it completely. Leave it like this overnight during which the rice will soak up the whole moisture which can otherwise damage your phone.

Keep rust away from your tools by adding a few spoonful’s of rice in the tool box. The rice will absorb all the moisture inside, keeping your tools clean for a longer time.

Based on the same principle, if you have silverware in the kitchen, place a bowl of raw rice in the cabinet where you keep the silver spoons, forks and plates, and it will protect your silver from tarnish-causing moisture.

A narrow neck vase is always hard to clean because the sponge just won’t go in there. In this case, pour a handful of uncooked rice into the vase or bottle you want to wash and swirl the grains around with a little bit of soap and water. The rice grains will scrub away dirt that is stuck to the bottom of the bottle.

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