Seedless Grape Cultivars. Good for Confiture, Compote and the Kids

Sometimes, kids refuse to eat grapes because of the seeds, that don’t taste so good. If you don’t want to have this problem any more and if you also wish to have grapes in pies, compote or in combination with other fruits without having to chew those nasty seeds, there are seedless grape cultivars you can choose.

White grapes

Thompson seedless

seedless grape cultivars

It’s the most common table grape cultivar in the US. Both the clusters and the berries are long-shaped. The pulp is golden, delicate, juicy, with a balanced taste. This cultivar doesn’t rot and it’s easy to conserve. It’s produced for eating fresh or as raisins.

Centennial seedless

seedless grape cultivars

It has a vigorous plant with a low production though, only 40 – 50% of the shoots are fertile. The clusters are long, large, cylindrical and conical in shape. The berries are medium-sized, oval, yellowish and covered in bloom. The pulp is consistent, very sweet, without scent. This is a cultivar with a low resistance against the frost, but a good one against the drought.

Seedless grape cultivars. Black/blue grapes


The Romanian cultivar Otilia was obtained at the Pietroasa-Buzau research center by Otilia Toma. It’s grown with good results in Constanta, Giurgiu, Buzau and Prahova. It has a good vigor and a moderate resistance to low temperatures during winter. The fruit is consumed fresh, in compote or confiture and as raisins. The berries are black-purple, crunchy, juicy and have a balanced taste.

Kismis Moldavski

seedless grape cultivars

This is a very productive table cultivar. It needs to grow in warm places, protected from winds and cold. It doesn’t rot easily and it resists well to the drought. It also holds well during transportation. The berries are hard, juicy and have a pleasant taste.

Pink grapes

Crimson seedless

seedless grape cultivars

It’s a table cultivar with large, sweet, crunchy berries, ideal for having fresh or as raisins. Their pink color makes them particularly appealing. This cultivar is also very productive.


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