Japanese style garden furniture brings harmony into your life

Your garden can get a fresh, authentic and even an exotic look if decorated with Japanese style garden furniture. Among the most sought after and popular furniture items are hand carved granite lanterns, granite or copper benches, wood bridges, rain chains, granite or copper basins, bamboo fountains, lanterns and statues. All can be beautifully combined so they create a unique atmosphere.

The very purpose of the Japanese style gardens is to bring peace to the persons walking down its alleys, especially amid the dynamic rhythm of the contemporary times. Japanese fountains, either made of bamboo or natural stone, are the best answer to meet this need. What other better way to bring peace to somebody than the sound of the running water which inspires people with the tranquility of nature. The fountains can come in various shapes and materials.

Japanese style garden furniture, the quickest way to relaxation

The granite benches embody longevity and eternity in the Japanese tradition and are the central part of the landscape architecture designed to relax passers-by. Thanks to their texture and colors, the granite benches will become a focal point for all those strolling in the garden and admiring the Japanese style garden furniture.

The landscape cannot be complete without the traditional copper and stone basins that can match the afore-mentioned benches. Each of these accessories, especially those made of stone, can be easily turned into a mini-fountain if a hole is drilled in it, allowing water to drip. As concerns copper basins, they can collect rain water which can be later used to water flowers and plants in the house.

Japanese style garden furniture

Bonsai and basins – central elements of Japanese style garden furniture

Since we mentioned rain water, another central element of the Japanese style garden furniture are the rain chains, the Japanese alternative to classical gutter downspout. Made of copper, these chains carry a powerful yet relaxing visual and sound effect when it rains and they guide the water along a maze of cups.

Various options for Japanese style garden furniture

The Japanese art of bonsai brings harmony, peace and balance into everyone’s life. The bonsai pots can be placed both inside and outside and are the perfect means to celebrate joy of life.

Japanese style garden furniture for relaxation

Japanese style garden furniture, rain chains and statues

Wood and granite bridges catch the eye and are a detail that can potentate the relaxing space. They can be placed over a span of water or a dry river bed. Bridges can be completed by stone or copper statues which, similar to bridges, can break the chromatic monotony. Statues can represent Buddha or various birds and animals specific to the Japanese habitat, such as cranes.

Japanese style garden furniture for relaxation

Japanese style garden furniture, bridges and granite benches

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