Precast Concrete Fences – Pros And Cons

We’ve seen so far as decorative wooden fences give way to modern PVC, according to everyone’s tastes and budget. Today we will examine some precast concrete fences pointing out a number of advantages, along with some information about costs. Contrary to expectations, precast concrete fences bring greater aesthetics to a property, as we see in the images below, the material of an austere appearance coming in various shapes and patterns that give elegance to the place.

Let’s see which the pros of such a fence are. First and foremost, it’s the strength of a fence built of concrete slabs. The producers say that such a fence withstand at least 50 years and give the example of such structures raised in the communist period, like fences raised around old military barracks still up today.

Due to its thermal mass, concrete fences acts as a veritable wall, protecting the enclosed area from gusts of wind and loud sounds much better than wooden sound barriers, especially for those living near high traffic thoroughfares. Moreover, concrete panels are resistant to vandalism and offers increased protection against burglary, say producers. More than a wooden fence, concrete structure provides more privacy to the yard behind.

The fence is also easy to install, coming in prefabricated boards which are just slid vertically between posts. Equally, these fences are very stable, regardless of the degree of inclination of the ground on which they are mounted. There is no need to worry about maintenance, these fences are very resistant against degradation due to weather conditions or insects, unlike the wood, for example.

Since we mentioned aesthetics, these fences can be easily customized to give a little vitality to these concrete structures after all. They come in various design options and models so you can match the fence with other decorative elements on your property. In the same context of aesthetics, very important, keep in mind that a concrete fence can be combined with wrought iron elements, bringing further refinement to a courtyard.

As for costs, they are profitable if you relate to sustainability and almost nonexistent maintenance during their use. But, as far as cons are concerned, people will always say that concrete is concrete after all, despite being given attractive designs, and will never live up to the ornamental role wood plays. Also, if you want such fences to be really enduring, then a continuous foundation has to be dug which may raise costs in the end.

Precast concrete fences

Precast concrete fences – various designs and patterns Photo source:

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  1. My favorite part of this article is when you mentioned that precast concrete fences because they protect the property from strong gusts of wind and deflects loud noise. The property that my husband and I are looking at is fairly new but the owner is yet to install a perimeter fence. I guess it worked in our benefit because we were able to negotiate a lower price and we get to have a say about what kind of fence to put. I learned a lot from your article, so I’d be sure to get a precast concrete wall after we close the sale. Thank you very much!