Planting Fruit Trees in Autumn. When and How to Complete Your Orchard

It’s the best time of the year to plant fruit trees. That’s why these days you find them at autumn harvest fairs and festivals, in markets and also hypermarkets. And there are all kind of varieties which you will be tempted to complete your orchard with. Here’s what you have to know about planting fruit trees in autumn.

The time for planting

The best time for autumn planting of fruit trees is from the 15th of October up to the 20th of November, when the soil is damp enough for the roots to set in well. Plus the winter that follows gives the roots enough time to heal and grow new absorbent hair.

Criteria when buying a tree

  • It should be 1-2 years old and over 1 meter high
  • The main roots should be at least 30 cm long and be healthy, without bearing wounds
  • The root and stem should not be dehydrated
  • Trees older than 2-3 years should already have their top formed

Planting fruit trees in autumn. What trees to choose

When choosing certain types of fruit trees for the orchard, one will consider each species light and warmth requirements, as well as frost resistance.

The apple, pear, quince, plum, cherry, sour cherry trees can be grown in hilly regions, while the most appropriate fruit trees for warm plain regions area the apricot and peach, without excluding other species. Although most species are self-compatible, it’s best to choose 2 or 3 species from each type of fruit tree for a better pollination.

Planting fruit trees in autumn. Prepping

You should dig the holes for planting the fruit trees at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for the micro flora in the soil to activate and the land to get air. The holes should be 60/60/60 cm.

When digging the holes, the first 30 cm of soil you take out should be placed on the right and the remaining half on the left. Keep that order when putting the soil back, because the most fertile soil, the one that was beneath, has to go to the same place, close to the roots.

The spacing between the tree rows should be at least 3.5 – 4.5 m to ensure the amount of light necessary for every tree. Trees which require a lot of light are apricot, peach, almond, cherry trees and some apple and pear cultivars. If you have highly fertile soil, the trees will grow larger and you have to increase the spacing.

Have fertilizer ready when you plant. The more shallow layer of ground should be mixed with 10 – 15 kilos of well rotted manure, plus 50-60 gr super phosphate and 50-60 gr potassium salt.

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