Growing Petunias in Pots for Colorful Balconies and Porches

Petunias are some of the most popular decorative plants in parks or gardens, but also in Romanian homes, on porches and balconies, especially in hanging baskets. It grows and blooms abundantly and some species have an intense perfume as well. Plus, it’s easy to care for. This is what you need to know about growing petunias in pots.


Petunias are best planted in April or at the beginning of May, in pots that should have 6 inches in diameter or 9 – 12 inches if you want two plants together. Use lightly fertilized soil, with a little bit of sand, with neutral pH. It’s the soil geraniums also prefer. Ensure good drainage. Place the pots in the sunlight but clear from the wind or rain, because you risk them tearing the delicate stems of these flowers.

You should rotate the pot regularly if the sunlight comes from one direction, so that the plant grows evenly, as it has the tendency to grow towards the sun.

Growing petunias in pots. Watering

Petunias love water and can be watered daily or every two days, from May to September, when the pots can stay outdoors. In summer, during heatwaves, they should be water in the morning and in the evening. If they don’t get enough water, the leaves begin to wither and the colors on the flowers start fading.

Over winter, petunias should be kept indoors, at temperatures above 40 degrees and in the light, but not in direct sunlight. Water them occasionally, just to keep the soil moist.

Growing petunias in pots. Fertilizing

Petunias need a certain iron level in the soil. If their leaves turn yellow, it means they don’t have enough iron and you should apply a fertilizer.

As soon as the flowering buds appear and during blooming, the plants should receive a potassium fertilizer every two weeks.


In order to grow a nice foliage and bloom abundantly, the tips should be trimmed. If you buy a young plant, cut the tips when the branches reach 4 – 8 inches. If you buy an adult plant, with branches longer than 12 – 16 inches, you should cut half of them. After trimming, protect the plant from strong sunlight.

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