Ever bearing strawberry varieties. Enjoy them over the year

We are used to enjoying strawberries for a small period of time, in May – June, but the climate and certain strawberry varieties allow us to enjoy them over the year, until winter. Considering their rather high prices, compared to many other fruits, growing ever bearing strawberry varieties is a great choice for every gardener.

Strawberry varieties split into three major categories:

  1. Once bearing or short-day varieties – they bear fruit one season a year, usually at the end of spring (May-June), for few weeks only.
  2. Ever bearing varieties – they flower from spring until autumn, but they produce a small number of seedlings.
  3. Day-neutral varieties – they flower and bear fruit as long as they have enough heat, but the fruit are rather small.

A good yield all around the year requires a lot of work. Before planting, the soil must be treated with phosphorus based fertilizers, and for some varieties, with nitrogen and potassium. To prevent landslides, in case of over irrigation, cover the soil in sawdust.

Here are six ever bearing strawberry varieties you can go for.

Queen Elisabeth II

ever bearing strawberry varieties

This is a variety that gardeners like, due to its large fruit and its hardiness, which makes it easy to transport. It bears fruit all around the warm season. The first harvest is in June, the second in July and the third at the end of August. If it’s warm enough, it can bear fruit until October, but the ripe fruit in autumn are not as tasty. Their pulp is dense and of an intense red.

Ever bearing strawberry varieties. Gigantella

ever bearing strawberry varieties

This Dutch variety is also very popular, due to its extremely large fruit. Even though this type requires constant care and attention, the harvest is accordingly. Gigantella seedlings must be watered regularly, otherwise the fruit will not grow so big. Normally they grow up to 3.5 oz and 3.35 inches in diameter.

Ever bearing strawberry varieties. Albion

ever bearing strawberry varieties

Albion is a new variety that bears fruit from the end of May until the frost. The fruit are shiny red, have a strong flavor and an intense sweet taste.

Ever bearing strawberry varieties. Honeoye

ever bearing strawberry varieties

Created in the US, this type stands out due to its high productivity. It bears medium-size fruit, of approximately 1.5 oz, with a dense pulp and a deep and shiny red color. It’s recommended that the harvest takes place when they are fully ripe.

Ever bearing strawberry varieties. Eros

The English Eros variety, known as Pink Flamingos as well, can be grown indoors also, in pots. The plant grows long, resembling a liana. Its flowers are pink and the fruit are scarlet red.

Source: agrobiznes.md

Photo credits: agrobiznes.md, freshgardenliving.com, loghouseplants.com

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