Modern houses that stand out from the crowd

We take a break from the projects of traditional houses and present you, in the following rows, three projects of special houses that stand out from the crowd. There are spacious, three-bedroom homes suitable for a family with two children, but not only.


Modern houses that stand out from the crowd

The first model is represented by a very spacious house, on the metal structure, with an area built by 308 Mert Square, of which the useful area is 228 square meters. In terms of sharing, on the ground floor there is the living room, the kitchen, a vestibule and a storage space, a pantry, a desk, a dressing room and a toilet. All this is added to the bathroom, living room and the 3 bedrooms upstairs. The price to red for this House is 48,000 euros, while the key price is 120,000 euros.

The second example is a house that combines with nature, both by form and by its colors. It is a house on the metal structure, with a built area of 246 square meters, of which the usable surface is 182 square meters. Thus, the House has a living room and a dining area, a kitchen, a storage space and a bathroom, on the ground floor, plus a storage space, 2 dressing rooms, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, the latter being upstairs. The red price for this house is 39,000 euros, while the key price is 98,000 euros.

Finally, we present a house with a floor, with a garage for two cars and a useful area of 240 square meters, with a superior aesthetic thanks to the combinations of different materials on the façade, volumes that interlocked and large windows. On the ground floor we identify an open-minded living space, which comprises the room, dining room and kitchen, with access to a terrace that heat the house on two sides. Upstairs there are three bedrooms, the one matrimonal open outward through a glass wall, along with a room with the role of the relaxation chamber. The key price of this House is 108,500 euros.




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