Inspiring Kitchens – 6 Design Ideas

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen whether we like it or not and this is why the place has to inspire us day by day. Whether we speak about furniture, appliances or the interior design, kitchens remain the epicenter of our homes and the source of well-being over the day. We have picked several kitchen designs in different styles, from classic to modern, to give you a broader array of ideas to arrange the place where you start your day.

The first picture, as seen on Huffington Post, shows a kitchen in a home in Los Angeles. The room is airy, bright and with a warm, welcoming appearance, given the abundance of wood in the interior finishes. The kitchen opens into a patio outside lying right next to a garden and thus creating an endless space of leisure. The space and light feeling is augmented by large windows and the stainless steel inland in the middle.

bucatarii care ne inspira inspiring kitchens 1

The second kitchen is more sober looking, in full contrast with the first example. The image depicts the kitchen of a historic house in Virgina. The room is set up in a traditional style, with white cabinets, pattern faience and the extractor hood covered in a stone wall. The kitchen island has an open storage, an ingenious idea to use design for practical needs.

bucatarii care ne inspira inspiring kitchens 2

The third example of the beautiful kitchens is one full of colors. With a modern style – no wonder since it is a kitchen in a Manhattan apartment – the room bedazzles literally with its stainless steel finishes interestingly mixed with the wood floor. Note the kitchen island that also incorporates the sink and that extends in a table for two.

bucatarii care ne inspira inspiring kitchens 3

We stick to the modern kitchens registry and move on to one from Florida, hence the dominant blue. With a skylight above the island covered in marble, the kitchen is invaded by natural light which is spectacularly reflected in the glossy blue of the cabinets.

bucatarii care ne inspira inspiring kitchens 4

The next kitchen is simply breathtaking. One can’t hardly tell whether it lies inside or outside, but the room defies the limits of modern design and shows itself as the ideal space for both cooking and relaxing, given its proximity to the lavish patio outside and the warm colors. Literally open to the outside, this kitchen seems an uninterrupted space designed to pleasure the eye.

bucatarii care ne inspira inspiring kitchens 5

The last kitchen comes from a home in Beverly Hills and boasts a rustic appearance. The wood stove, massive wood furniture and copper pots hanging above the island remind us of a Tuscan style kitchen. Wood and stone again mic in a harmonious manner for a classy, sober, but yet warm image.

bucatarii care ne inspira inspiring kitchens 6

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